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Ninja Trader / Sierra Chart / Trade Station The PTG v1.0 Complete Indicator Package includes the following 27 indicator modules. BIG” The ACC/DIST Indicator filters specific Volume Footprints of the Big Money Trader: “Mr.

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You will be able to “see” Internals expand and contract throughout the Session and make better informed trade decisions. This indicator offers the trader a visual representation and “Trade Trigger” point of entry for both Longs and Shorts.

This indicator will help the trader correctly position early on a developing trend.

Quantifies and Displays Price Acceleration The AMA is a “super-charged” Moving Average that measures and quantifies “velocity vectors” of Multiple Moving Averages (MMA) and Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR) of Price.

In physics, acceleration is the rate at which the velocity of an object (price) changes with time.

Polaris Trading Group has a collection of technical indicators and overlays created in Trade Station, Sierra Chart and Ninja Trader to assist you.

We give you a wide variety of ways to look at the markets that will accommodate and enhance your individual trading plan.The PTG Trader Tool Box v1.0 Software Suite includes the full package of ALL 27 v1.0 Polaris Trading Group Indicators.Polaris Trading Group's Trader Toolbox software suite is a collection of technical indicators and overlays created in Trade Station, Sierra Chart and Ninja Trader.The AMA captures the essence of this price acceleration and overlays price.This is a “leading Indicator” of price magnitude and direction.Identifies Point Break based upon Price’s ATR Value The ATR Stop is a simple but powerful tool to help the trader stay in a position longer and with greater confidence.


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