Top ten dating rules

Decades from now people may remember 2010 for the BP oil spill, the Tea Party, and the i Pad.

But at press time we learned the Hopi Tribe signed an agreement with the state to reopen the park.

An innovative government-tribal partnership will allow the descendants of the people who once lived at Homolovi Ruins to safeguard its future.

Online dating has completely changed the way people search for love and companionship.

Archaeologists weren't just busy in the field, though.

A number of breakthroughs happened in the lab, too.

A new radiocarbon dating technique was perfected this year that will allow scientists to date artifacts without harming them.

Laboratory analysis of the bones of a close relative of Lucy revealed how early hominins walked.

And anthropologists in Germany announced startling news about the Neanderthal genome that might send you scrambling to submit your own DNA for sequencing.

Sites Under Threat For the third year, we also highlight five threatened sites that remind us of how fragile the archaeological record is.

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