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And, for several years, it is a play in which I and my collaborator Lynne Kositsky have developed a special interest.

In all, we have now published five articles on various aspects of (2009), 205-266, print edition.

Posted By K8L on Après de nombreuses péripéties, nous avons enfin réussi à être listés sur i Tunes !

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Le printemps est arrivé et les soirées reprennent pour l’eclectic.

On commence par une bonne petite soirée à Saint Brieuc dans les Côtes d’Armor (22) ce vendredi 8 Avril pour le premier volet des soirées CATCH MY GROOVE Pour ce premier opus, deux dj’s de l’asso seront sur le pont : ZOOPSY (l’eclectic) – Mix Tech/House NADA KARANA...

It is an understatement to say that the world of Shakespearean studies has lost one of its great hopes in Brooks’ passing.

He was not just a fine a scholar and editor, but a visionary one at that.Our article argues that many elements of symbolic design in Shakespeare’s late play connect it to the liturgical event, for which so much early modern drama was composed, of Shrovetide (modern carnival).On this website, you can track the progress of this project.Once the book is published, this site will publish regular updates, including reviews and promotional literature.And the articles themselves, as time and permissions permit, will be directly available on the site, along with copious background material, useful to student, scholar, and actor alike.A sixth article — to our way of thinking the most important of the series – is forthcoming in 2010 in has passed on to surviving hands.

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