Tiffany lamson and taylor guarisco dating

The singers, Taylor Guarisco and Tiffany Lamson perform with the emphatic smiles of drama school children in panto.

Their music is uplifting; to watch them is like watching happy Muppets dancing around, on ecstasy.

They're aggressively happy – they bounce, and wiggle and gyrate and smile a lot.

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For her follow-up to Lungs, Florence Welch wanted to make something "dramatic and really huge and kind of spooky", an intention which Ceremonials bears out with storm-cloud arrangements, big, rolling drum riffs and ghost-story songs.

"We don't want to generalize ourselves or put ourselves in a box," says Givers singer/percussionist Tiffany Lamson.

"It's all about us just doing something that feels good because that's the way this band came about." It's a healthy mentality, one that's helped the young Lafayette, Louisiana-based indie group score a deal with Glassnote Records.

A Lafayette, LA-based fivesome, the members of Givers met back in high school, and have been jamming together since 2008…only one year before they kicked so much butt opening for The Dirty Projectors at a hometown show that the Projecters asked them to join them for a future tour.

while displaying a charming character all their own.

The beats are bouncy and the bass is fluid and groovy, but their most striking feature is the unlikely chemistry and vocal interplay between the boyish tenor of Taylor Guarisco and the slightly raspy tone of Tiffany Lamson.

Colette and Hannah Thurlow, the London-based sisters behind , first appeared in this column in the summer of 2010 as an unsigned band touting an early demo of shoegaze/new wave-inflected gloomy guitar pop on Myspace ( P).

Afro-pop folk band Givers don't have a slogan, but if they did it would be "It's nice to be nice".

And not in a creepy, religious rock way either—but through exuberant, sun-kissed pop that positively explodes with warmth; that gushes joy; that overwhelms with feelings of happiness and delight.

Since then, they’ve performed on Jimmy Fallon, had a video premiere on MTV (which apparently plays indie bands these days! And if that’s not enough, on June 7, they gave us their greatest gift of all: 10 glorious tunes, gathered together on record, called —as you might expect—is a rather luminescent listen, spanning an array of influences from Afro-pop to dance rock to funk to folk—it’s no surprise that growing up near New Orleans, Givers’ members used to gig with local jazz, Cajun and Zydeco bands.

Opener “Up Up Up” is a sunny, groovy, percussive jam that reminds me of Vampire Weekend, mixed with guitar rock (singer Taylor Guarisco even sounds a bit like Ezra Koenig); follower “Meantime” is a lush, syncopated tune about making every moment count, with its catchy refrain/assertion of “] that anyone could be able to listen to this…


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