The most beautiful dating place

One (for the bass), two (for the treble), and three (get ready) – and jump! ) Location: Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si, Bundang-gu Yul-dong Seohyeon Station (Bundang Subway Line), Exit 2.Take Bus 15 or 15-1, and get off at Jangan Middle School. 3.) Namsangol Traditional Folk Village “For the History Buffs” This place has been a protected village since the time it was built.The site shows an extraordinary diversity of Joseon-type homes.

There are a countless number of options for date spots in Korea, and Seoulistic has racked up 25 great hot spots for you love birds out there!

(single people can enjoy too ;)) 1.) Sky Rose Garden (하늘 로즈 가든) “A Beautiful Rose Garden” You will hit the jackpot for sure by showing off your loved one this sweet date spot!

In fact, you can hit two birds with one stone because this garden lies on top of a movie theater – but not just any movie theater!

Also, the roses are switched weekly during the summer months, which provides a change of scenery each time for recurring visitors that come back. It can be a great date activity for you and your loved one.

We recommend you check out this place during the evening, just when the sun is about to set. This place lies in the heart of Yuldong Park, which is just 20 minutes outside of Seoul.

If you’re courageous enough to go bungee jumping, this is your opportunity.

Once you are all geared up, you take a few steps towards the jumping platform with instructions.

The “Sky Rose Garden” is located on the 8th floor of the Daehan Cinema (대한극장), one of the first movie theaters of Korea.

So once you finish watching a movie and get on the elevator, don’t press the 1st floor!


  1. As a guy looking to meet Japanese girls who are looking to meet foreign guys though, your best bets are what are called “International Parties” and “Language Exchanges”.

  2. They're great guys, but if you aren't accustomed to being around them, here are a few things you can do to ensure dating success: 1. Sure, the posters or long days spent at Comic Con may seem silly to you, but everyone has unique interests that other people don't "get." And really, how are a nerd's interests any different from a non-nerdy guy's obsession with Fantasy Football or baseball cards?

  3. And even if you ask for our opinion, YES, Love should be free.

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