The elder scrolls oblivion goranga dating system 100 all free local sex hookups

The mod supports gay/lesbian relationships as well.

There are many other features that I didn't mention here.

It is the most advanced sex/prostitution mod up until this day.

the elder scrolls oblivion goranga dating system-75

You negotiate the price and move to the place where you can do what you payed for. If you do it in the public, be careful that the guards don't see you.

If they do they will arrest you, if you don't pay a fee.

If you are naked in the public, people will comment on that and guards can arrest you as well.

Hi guys I made the mod for Oblivion Goranga prostitution system, which uses sex scenes from Friends and lovers.

I'm developing this mod further, so if you like it, it will be more.

Guys from RSV are premited to translate it into Russian for purposes of Russian users.

Goranga ...well, you should try to ask one of the forum administrators for the access to try to upload it on a free fileserver, as many russian modmakers do.

It has very simplified UI, just two buttons ("Browse" and "Send"), and gives non-direct link to the file (******* where '*******' is random numeric phrase denoting unique identifyer of the file).

The only limits are 50 Mb size and file lifetime of 30 days since last download day.

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