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Never introduce them until you have made a commitment to have an exclusive relationship.

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Discuss which works of art you like or don't like and why.

When on a first date, remember to do more listening than talking. Questions such as, "When is the last time you had sex"?

Getting to know your date requires you to ask questions and then carefully listen to the answers.

If you're in a bar and you want to send a girl a drink as a means of letting her know that you find her attractive and that you'd like to get to know her, you need to follow a couple of simple rules. Send the drink over, but don't sit there and stare at her or immediately go up to her table. If she doesn't approach you, feel free to go over and confidently introduce yourself and ask if you can sit down.

Wait for the waiter to bring her drink and when she looks over at you give her a nod and a smile. If she says yes, sit down and begin a conversation. If you're getting tred of dinner and a movie, it's time to think of a more unique date idea.

Try having a wine and cheese picnic followed by a visit to some local art galleries.

You and your date will get some culture and it'll be a nice chance to get to know your date a little better.

If you want someone to know that you're into them, flirt using your entire body.

Lean towards them when you are talking and look them in the eye.


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