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is a Canadian wheelchair basketball player and Paralympian.She has been part of Canada Women's National Wheelchair Basketball Team since 2008.

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As the owner of Get a Mate Dating Service, Rylie is more than happy to step in and lend a hand to lonely lycanthropic hearts all over town.

No matter how hopeless Rylie might be in finding her own soul mate, she has a knack for helping others find theirs. He loved her for almost everything she was & she decided that was enough to let him stay for a very long time.

Convinced that she is stuck with a family curse, Rylie is positive she will never find her true love. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Shawn’s back for a visit to my stream! We celebrated the end of a very long and stressful time at my job by going on a proper date.

But when drool-worthy Jack Chandler shows up at her door, Rylie wonders if maybe the curse is finally broken. We saw Hello Dolly at the 5th Avenue Theater (nevermind that we did not like it and left at intermission) and then had a wonderful dinner at The Metropolitan Grill, which is a great steakhouse in Seattle. Debra Messing (TV’s Will & Grace) shines in this hilarious romantic comedy about the surprising road to finding true love.

But Rylie’s life is about to become complicated courtesy of the after-dark crowd. It was a lovely afternoon/evening and now we’re home and snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie. Kat Ellis (Messing) is determined to attend her younger sister’s wedding with a date.

When she begins receiving strange notes and harassment from a jilted client, events careen out of control. What he doesn’t know is whether she’s seriously in trouble . Rather than face the ridicule of her family and in order to show up her ex-fiance, she resorts to the Yellow Pages to find a last-minute escort, Nick (Dermot Mulroney, My Best Friend’s Wedding).

His dashing good looks and quick-witted charm may win over her family. Filled with unexpected twists and endless laughs, The Wedding Date is the one date that you’ll want to keep!

If you’re a fan of the frazzled comic rhythms Debra Messing plies on Will & Grace, or if you’re pre-sold on the concept of Dermot Mulroney as the world’s most dashing heartthrob–an idea given ample evidence here–this escapist romance may provide just enough distraction.

The Wedding Date’s Pretty Woman-in-reverse plot finds Kat Kat Ellis (Messing) hiring expensive male escort Nick Mercer (Mulroney) to fly to London and pose as her dashing new boyfriend at her sister’s wedding so she can face the best man, an ex-fiancé who broke her heart.

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