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Unlike Classic Shell, Start8 isn’t free – while there’s a 30-day free trial, you’ll have to pay if you want to use Start8 long-term.

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IObit Start Menu8 is completely free and works more similarly to the Windows 7 Start menu than Classic Shell does.

some readers have written in complaining about ads included in IOBit products, so we have removed the link.

Right-click the Start Menu8 icon and you’ll find many of the more useful options for using your computer as a traditional desktop, including the ability to skip the Start screen at login, hide the charms sidebar, and disable the other hot corners.

It includes skins that can mimic the Windows 7/Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000/98 start menus and is extremely configurable.

If you’re using Ninite to set up your new computer with the software you like, you’ll find that Ninite can now install Classic Start.

For a more in-depth look at Classic Shell, read How To Log Into The Desktop, Add a Start Menu, and Disable Hot Corners in Windows 8.

Stardock’s Start8 offers a Windows 8-style Start menu in addition to a Windows 7-style Start menu.

While Microsoft no longer includes the Start button, opting instead for a click in a hidden corner and a new Start screen, there are quite a few Start menu replacements you can choose from.

You can try living without the Start button and customizing your Start screen – it’s very possible to get by without the Start button and some people seem to prefer the new interface – but you have a choice.

Many of these tools also allow you to boot directly to the desktop and hide the charms and app switcher that appear when you move your cursor to the corners of the screen, giving you a more traditional desktop experience.

Classic Shell is a free, open-source Start menu replacement.


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