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It is clear that our thoughts, images and emotions are directly connected to our body's functioning and thus impact directly on our performance.As an athlete you can learn to pay close attention to your psychological and emotional well-being and utilize the powers of the unconscious brain in order to improve performance in any sport and at any level of competition.

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Individual therapy is moulded around your needs as the client and works to promote optimal performance and health.

The athlete becomes an active participant in the therapeutic process and will have 'homework assignments' between sessions to facilitate progress.

Long before an athlete picks up a baseball bat, a hockey stick or a pair of running shoes, their brains are already wired for an interest in and a talent for physical feats.

They naturally gravitate toward sportsmanship because of how their brains are wired for discipline, competition and energy.

Athletes are known for their physical prowess, their agility and their sportsmanship, but the motivation for these physical abilities comes from the way an athlete thinks.

Athletes do not receive enough credit for the mental strength they apply to their vocation, but it is just as valid a part of their process as the physical feats they achieve.

A competitive nature is also an essential component to an athlete’s personality and psychology.

As an athlete, you know that you are always striving for improvement.

You may physically train many hours a week to enhance your performance to gain the slightest edge over the competition.

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