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Taxpayers end up paying for sites where no responsible party can be made liable, such as through corporate bankruptcy.

The state spends about million a year working on Superfund sites.

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DSC acquired the company through bankruptcy and started environmental investigation in 1997.

Groundwater contaminated with steel waste and construction debris contains high concentrations of hazardous chemical compounds and heavy metals.

The site contains waste lagoons that have fouled local creeks that drain to the Detroit River.

In Michigan, there are 65 total Superfund sites in 30 counties on the national list.

Since the program inception, 18 sites have been taken off the list.

Of the sites on the list, long-term cleanup remedies have been built at more than 50. The Michigan DEQ handles most of the cleanup response.Total per-site cleanup costs can range from million to approximately 0 million.“Superfund” is the name for a 1980 law, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), which governs cleanup of the nation’s most polluted sites.Sites are added to the National Priorities List and tackled one by one.Originally, cleanup money came from lawsuits against responsible polluters and a tax on chemical and petroleum products.That tax was abolished in 1995, slowing the pace of cleanups across the country.


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