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April 2016 | Linz, AUSTRIA The B2B Matchmaking event is the official networking platform for the IT SUMMIT.

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Es wurde uns schnellstmöglich bei Systemanpassungen geholfen. Eine digitale Vorabvorstellung des Tool war sehr hilfreich.

Pros: Einfache Handhabe und schnelle Anpassungen möglich.

Individueller Eyecatcher und Umbennenung von Feldern. Teilnehmer kommen einfach mit anderen Teilnehmern und Refernten oder Ausstellern ins Gespräch.

Das Eis wird schon vor der Veranstaltung gebrochen und man kann sich gezielt verabreden. Voreinstellungen können nicht immer angepasst werden. Comments: We have been using this online appointment system for an average sized b2b event for several years and are completely satisfied both with the technical aspects of the product and the personal approach of the support staff.

Converves business event management software allows event organizers to quickly and easily design B2B matchmaking events, business speed dating, conferences.

The Converve platform is a user-friendly software solution that offers a customizable package of tools for registration, online scheduling, business matchmaking, networking and payment.It allows event planners to set-up face-to-face appointments between participants.Comments: Die Abwicklung mit Converve lief sehr gut und einfach.Despite the platform already has all the necessary functions for managing appointments, the system is very flexible and can be adjusted according to your requirements, new functions can be added in a short time by request.Overall, the platform is very user friendly both from admin's and participants' perspective.The support staff are very helpful and react to the inquiries promptly, we can always relay on them in any urgent cases which might happen just on the eve of the event and they perform perfectly.


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