Speed dating in kiev

how nice would it be to go and meet women in Kiev, Ukraine, to obtain this?

And how valuable could it be for you if you would do this under the guidance of some experienced people?

Does this sound as something you might be interested in?

Namibiasex - Speed dating in kiev

We, as dating agency Dating Women Ukraine, will organize this trip.

We will provide a qualitative and valuable program during this trip.

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You will get the opportunity to meet many ladies in a comfortable atmosphere, enter into interactions, plan dates and…who knows, it might be the start of something beautiful between you and a gorgeous Ukrainian lady…When you notify us that you want to come, and you have secured your place, then you receive the following: Decide right away you will make use of this unique opportunity and subsequently take action!

In the meantime we have given some hints to the ladies that we will be organizing this trip, and their reactions were truly overwhelming and enormously positive!

The ladies are really looking forward to meeting you! The trip takes place from Thursday 14th of July till Tuesday the 19th of July 2016.

It is possible to extend your stay, we can arrange that for you.

Dear all, I am one of the organizers of speed dating parties in Kiev, and the next one will be done for English speakers only, so we are now looking for female and male expats and locals that would be interested to come.

If you are new to city, want to meet new people, expand your local community or just have fun time - we would be happy to hear from you either by email or by phone.

For more information you can also read our livejournal posts.


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