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The 382-acre (155 ha) parcel cost ,275,000 and is maintained by the Department of Environmental Protection.of 2000, there were 34,243 people, 11,911 households, and 9,707 families residing in the town.The population density was 1,470.6 people per square mile (567.7/km²).

After ten years of unsuccessful petitions, the Connecticut General Assembly granted complete town rights to Trumbull in October 1797.

The town was named for George Washington's staunch supporter, Revolutionary War Governor, patriot, statesman and merchant, Jonathan Trumbull (1710–1785).

The Pequonnock River is the only major waterway in Trumbull, beginning northwest of Old Mine Park at the Monroe border and flowing southeasterly through the Pequonnock River Valley State Park, Trumbull Center and Twin Brooks Park.

The river leaves Trumbull and continues into Beardsley Park in Bridgeport.

Major bodies of water include Canoe Brook Lake, Pinewood Lake, Tashua Hills Golf Club Pond, and the six Twin Brooks Park ponds.

Minor bodies of water include Dogwood Lake, Frog Pond, Kaatz Pond, Kaechele Pond, Porters Pond, Secret Pond, Thrush Wood Lake and Unity Park Pond.According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 23.5 square miles (61 km According to the U. Geological Society, at 615ft Monitor Hill (Tashua Hill) in Trumbull is the highest coastal point on the east coast of the United States. Trumbull has 871.23 acres (3.5257 km The town of Trumbull, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and the Bridgeport Hydraulic Company agreed to make a joint Town and State purchase of land in the Pequonnock River Valley in 1989. (R) Jason Marsh (D) Lori Roscato-Schwartz (R) Mark Block (R) Michael London (R) Lisa Valenti (D) Enrico Constantini (R) Mark Le Clair (R) Joseph Pifko (R) Ann Marie Evangelista (R) Matt Caron (R) Originally home to the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation, Trumbull was colonized by the English during the Great Migration of the 1630s as a part of the coastal settlement of Stratford, Connecticut. (R) Jack Testani (R) Donna Seidell (R) Bill Mecca (D) Dawn Cantafio (D) Thomas Whitmoyer (D) Mary Beth Thornton (D) Tony Scinto (R) Edna Colucci (R) Richard Kascak, Jr.The northwest farmers of Stratford petitioned the Colony of Connecticut in 1725 to establish their own separate village apart from Stratford.The farmers wished to call their village Nickol's Farms, after the family that owned a large farm in its center, but the village was named Unity.


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