Speed dating for mentally challenged

There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman and there’s nothing wrong with being a good guy, but you also have to be able to make women feel sexually attracted to you by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women (e.g. If your main approach to women is based on showing them that you’re a nice, friendly guy who has good intentions, it’s not going to make you stand out from the crowd. Most women do want to find themselves a good guy, but that guy also has to make her feel attracted.

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Don’t get me wrong here – There’s nothing wrong with being a good guy, but it isn’t what makes a woman wet.

To be successful with women, you don’t have to be a bad boy or jerk, but you do have to display the personality traits and behaviors that women are naturally attracted to.

Being good on its own isn’t enough for most women – they want to feel the excitement of sexual attraction.

If you want a woman to feel sexually attracted, you’ve got to actively turn her on with your conversation style, body language, vibe, etc. When you trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman, she will then appreciate all the other good things about you (e.g.

you are a smart guy, you have good intentions with her, etc).

However, if you don’t make her feel much or any sexual attraction, she won’t be turned on by the fact that you’re smart and that you’d treat her well if she got into a relationship with you.

When a guy contacts me to ask, he is almost always type of guy who is too nice to women.

You might think that you aren’t good enough for beautiful women and that it’s all just too difficult.

Yet, here’s what you probably don’t realize: You are already good enough for most women. You’re not a horrible person that women hate or despise, right?

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