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Send Win S and Send Win SF have been rewritten to make them faster and more reliable. On a fast PC, Send Win SF may not require any delays.

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There is a new option on the Settings Panel where you can ask Hotkey Net to check whether a newer version is available.

If you ask Hotkey Net to check for a newer version, the rest of the program now starts immediately before the check completes so you don't have to wait for the web server's response.

To the people who helped, thanks again The Help Menu used to contain an item, "Report bug," that directed people to send email. A second item, "Ask question," which opens Hotkey Net's forum in a browser, has been renamed "Ask question or report bug." This change has been made to discourage people from sending email.

-- The specified command executes automatically every time a script loads, provided that the command is found in the script.

-- If you don't want to use this option, leave the field blank on the Settings Panel.

-- "When script unloads..." on the Settings Panel is disabled because this feature isn't implemented yet in this build.

A new command, Override, has been added to the program. Changes were made to parts of the program that deal with arguments of commands. If you see any, please report them and I'll fix them immediately.

The program now displays error messages if you: -- use Pass Through as anything other than the first command in a hotkey definition; -- use Toggle, Send Label, If, Else, or End If in a user-defined command. The only thing that has changed is that the errors now generate messages so people will know what they did wrong.) Pass Through is now displayed correctly in loaded hotkeys This is Hotkey Net's two hundredth public build.

I'd like to thank the people who made suggestions and submitted bug reports over the last two years. Starting with this build, Hotkey Net no longer calls home for authorization.


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