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Do they have some kind of odd product they’re peddling? D’Souza: Certainly atheism has proven to be enormously profitable for guys like Richard Dawkins, whose book “The God Delusion” has sold more copies than all his other books combined.

It appears that your latest book, Dinesh D’Souza: Intellectually, yes, I was provoked by the atheists. I remember him telling me how dramatically the prospect of death changed his priorities.

I have a strong desire to see them whipped at their own game. My wife had a strange out-of-body experience during a car accident many years ago. He made the comment that the normalcy of our everyday life is a sham, that we live in the pretense that we are not going to die tomorrow and then one day we wake up and realize that we are. I don’t think that there is a thoughtful person who hasn’t wondered: is death the end, or is there something more?

Kengor: The endorsements for this book are nothing short of amazing: Chris Hitchens and Rick Warren, Michael Medved and Deepak Chopra, Dallas Willard and Stephen Barr. How do you get these guys to agree on ANYTHING, let alone a book on life after death? D’Souza: Well, you can see that I am not against diversity.

I wanted to emphasize the value of the book for Christians-it provides thrilling confirmation of the Christian view of life after death-but I also wanted to reach out to seekers, and even convey to the atheists that they have to take this seriously.

Hitchens and I have developed both a friendship and a mutual respect.

So he was willing to do this for me, but not until I promised him that “here is a good way to annoy some of your friends.”I can see how that would work with Hitchens.

Speaking of Hitchens, and his friends, who are the “Vendors of Unbelief,” as you call them? Is there any skepticism by liberal secularists that the atheists are cashing in on atheism ?

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which did quite well, and which we profiled in a series of Q&As last year.


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