Sophomore guy dating freshman

When the older girls saw I was wearing a thong, they got outraged.

When I become the only freshman girl to make my high school girls varsity basketball team, I quickly learned the hard way about how freshman girls who wore thongs to school were treated terribly.

Before I joined the girls basketball team, I only wore thongs to school one or at most 2 times, which is when all of my other underwear was unwashed.

I only wear thongs if I absolutely have to- I hate wearing thongs because they feel like wedgies and are uncomfortable, although for some reason my mom always buys me a whole lot of thongs even though I don't like them.

As already noted, I was the only freshman to make the team, all the others were 10th-12th graders.

When I started undressing in the locker room, I wanted all of the girls to realize I was wearing a thong, although I was rather embarrassed to have my butt showing to everybody in the locker room.

When I first took my pants off, I decided to put my butt against my wall so nobody could see my butt.

Then, after a few seconds, I decided to briefly flash my butt so they could see I was wearing a thong.

Luckily, though, no older girls caught me wearing a thong the time I wore a thong before I joined the girls basketball team, although I still heard plenty of stories about 9th grade girls getting bullied by older girls for wearing thongs.

On the first day of basketball practice, I decided to wear a thong to school even though I could have worn some other panties.

I was wearing a thong to basketball practice just to defy the older girls on the basketball team and dare the older girls to bully me, even though I hated wearing thongs.

The thong felt so uncomfortable on me the whole school day, but I was still very proud of myself for defying the 10th-12th graders and wearing a thong to school even though they didn't allow it.


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