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The pilot episode started something that didn't seem to go anywhere at first, but keeps growing as it continues on.10/10 to Mark Schwan, the actors, the writers, the directors and everyone else involved with One Tree Hill.Chad Michael Murray (born August 24, 1981) is an American actor, spokesperson, writer and former fashion model.

OTH has the best music with amazing bands, that sometimes no ones ever even heard of before, but yet, they are still amazing. He didn't have many sales for his album, but the second one tree hill made his hit song '' I don't wanna be'' the theme song, his sales sky rocketed.

One tree hill has been strong for 6 seasons, and hopefully there's much more to come.

The material is still fresh and Mark Schwan is the greatest television creator living today.

Unfortunately others are less lucky and the team needs new players, so the coach invites Nathan's half-brother Lucas Scott, who only plays informal basketball his passion being reading.

When he also seems to get on with Nathan's steady girlfriend Peyton, the star dares him to a one-to-one for high stakes.

One Tree Hill has redefined the name ''television series''.

Easily the most well written series ever, with amazing actors and a great combination of humor, romance, action, and suspense.

Nathan Scott is Tree Hill High's biggest basketball star and is dating Peyton, a cheerleader.

Nathan's half brother, Lucas, joins the team - and threatens to take both Nathan's spot in the lineup and his girl.

Nathan Scott is the star of 'the Ravens' high school basketball team, just like his proud father, Dan Scott - but get's pushed even harder by his dad than the team's coach.

When the team celebrates a victory by 'borrowing' a school bus arrests are made; Dan manages to get Nathan out of trouble.

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