Social club not updating

Answer: At the present time there is a known issue involving case replays and how they contribute to your Social Club totals housed online.Please be aware that when you do a case replay some of your stats may zero out in addition to Social Club features not presenting the correct tallies.

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It seems a lot of people have various issues with the Social Club client.

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Question: I have been playing the game for a long time and accumulating stats but it seems that none of them get uploaded to Social Club anymore.Is my account broken on the Social Club or are you having issues receiving my stats?I'm not getting my achievements through social club client. This seems to be only a recent thing, effecting both achivements as well as case tracker, and only seemed to come after a Max Payne update around the Olypmics. I tried updating the Client to ( but this broke L. They did claim they fixed that though, at least after May 2011, indicating saves after that will update it. A Noire but are no longer updating on the Social Club website. Likely because it seems this update is for GTA4 not L. EDIT: Should add I think this is the relevant cause of this problem.


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