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Facebook is currenly the most visited social media website in Malaysia.There are 10.4 million Facebook users of which 3.5 million are youth aged between 18 and 24.Social media complements the mass media and they are part and parcel of a youth’s life.

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SOCIAL media has been instrumental in playing a big role in the lives of Malaysian students.

It is common to see young people browsing and surfing social networking sites, reading blogs or chatting using Facebook and Twitter through sophisticated devices anywhere and at anytime.

It is through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube that users are allowed to create, share, collaborate and organise content among themselves, and at the same time provide virtual self-presentation and self-disclosure of oneself.

In 2011, it was reported that more than 770 million people worldwide visited social networking sites.

It is the “place” where new ideas are being generated and also serves as one of the most efficient methods in educating oneself and gaining knowledge. Since most students are active in social networking discussions, questions pertaining to school projects and lessons can be answered or resolved quickly.

The point is social media makes it easier for users to share ideas from different sources.

It is a fact that the education system is much better in many developed countries, and having friends overseas enables students to come up with effective methods of sharing and learning.

For example, Facebook claims that recently it had 500 million active users.

In Malaysia, the adoption of social media in particular has shown significant growth in the last few years.


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