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"I was born in Tottenham just before the team scored a goal and they said my scream was louder than those in the ground. Daily Mirror )Sam Warburton Article in the Daily Mail - Sam Warburton Rugby Union player - Wales, British Lions and Cardiff Blues Whitehouse Moved to Enfield as a boy and followed Spurs; Seen at White Hart Lane; has mentioned his preference for the white and blue half of North London on TV appearances and in newspaper articles.

I supported Tottenham Hotspur and have done until this day. Jah Wobble "Wobble's beloved Tottenham Hotspur is another recurring theme.

It is good to see them back near the top of the table after far too many years."Salman Rushdie Time Out interview ( Twitter account contains lots of Spurs tweets; precis of article written for the New Yorker Rushton Regularly mentioned his support of Spurs when working on BBC London, going back to when his grandfather used to follow the club. As a little boy I was a fan of Tottenham Hotspur with the team of Jimmy Greaves when he was the champion. If he managed a Premiership team, he argues, he would "car bomb" overpaid prima donna players and force the rest into barracks on starvation wages.

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David Aaronovitch (The Times) On choosing which team (Croatia in his instance) to support in Euro 2008 in England's absence "For us Tottenham fans it's a bit simpler, because there is really just the one (reason), and he hasn't kicked a ball for us yet (Luka Modric)."Mike Ashley From BBC Sport website on ...

Dave Whelan (Wigan Athletic chairman) "He is a very good retailer, but at managing a football club, no.

Especially with him being a Tottenham supporter and then going up to Newcastle, a club that is a different kettle of fish to most in the land."Regular appearances on Soccer AM (Sky TV) in a variety of old Spurs shirts; made his puppet on Get Fresh - Green Gilbert - make Spurs related references regularly; produces the Spurs Show podcast ... at Gail Emms "Shortly after the Olympics I was introduced to the crowd at my favourite football club Tottenham Hotspur before kick-off." (The Guardian ) When asked whether she prefers Chelsea or Manchester United, she answered, "I hate United.

I am a Spurs fan, so really I should hate Chelsea as well, but I cannot stand United." (Sunday Times )Lord Grabiner QC, Member of the House of Lords, one of the country's leading commercial lawyers, chair of the court of The London School of Economics and Political Science, formally non executive director of the Next fashion group Mathew Horne Appearances on Soccer AM (Sky TV) at White Hart Lane as their pre-match reporter; had his character Gavin (in BBC Three's "Gavin and Stacey") be a Spurs fan.

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Article in Hotspur (June 2008)Howard Jacobson Quote in article by Matthew Norman in The Daily Telegraph () "As Howard Jacobson observed, if Spurs score within the first few minutes, 7,000 Jewish voices in the West Stand mutter: Too early, its much too early."Sean Maguire Appeared on pitch at half-time in the game against Portsmouth () saying this was his dream come true. ""I miss being able to see the football with my mates at White Hart Lane."See You Tube video

v=HYGN-f Qn Xqs Also Daily Mirror () "But avid Spurs fan Lee, of Princes Risborough, Bucks, can now put that episode behind him and look forward to working with former Tottenham chairman Sir Alan on a new project at the Amstrad offices in Brentwood, Essex, from Monday."Roger Lloyd Pack Appears in Spurs 125th anniversary DVD.

Also appeared in "Big Night In" feature in The Times' "The Eye" magazine and opined that his favourite night in was watching Spurs on TV and said "...

but I'm a Tottenham fan and still watch the game as if I'm 16 years old and get really excited about the team." Leslie Phillips OBE As written in his autobiography "Hello" ...

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