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- Cribbs I find dating at my age to be a lot more fun with a lot less pressure than when I was younger.

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As time continues to march forward, those over the age of sixty aren't being left behind because 60 is not what it used to be a long time ago.

More seniors are keeping themselves in great shape, and advances in medicine and nutrition mean people are living longer and more healthy than ever.

Senior citizens these days are more vital and vibrant than any of previous generations.

So what if you're in the area of retirement age and you're looking for a mate?

Over sixty dating can be a lot of fun and a totally rewarding experience. Cribbs reminds us that no matter what our age, dating and relationships are important to a healthy mental attitude and a rewarding personal life.

We shouldn't allow nervousness and fear to keep us from developing healthy intimate relationships despite our age.

Many of the fears seniors face when it comes to over sixty dating are fears that simply exist in their own minds.

For people over sixty dating shouldn't be something to be afraid of. In fact, dating for seniors can be a very exciting and fun experience.

As we reach our senior years, many of the issues that face younger singles aren't nearly as significant or don't even exist at all.

Things like career, family, plans for children and the like simply aren't as prominent.

That means over sixty dating can be a lot more casual and a lot less restrictive with a lot less pressure.


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