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The best way to explain that is with a little tour. “What if I literally type ‘DELETE * FROM USERS’ on my way to typing ‘WHERE id=9283’, do I lose all my user data? Apps that might solve real problems never get written because of the friction of getting started. Everybody wants to know what we’re going to do with all that money. It’s a magical kind of team programming where everything shows up instantly, like Trello, or Google Docs. ” You’d be surprised just how well it does work, for most small teams and most simple programming projects. So literally any working Java Script you want to cut and paste from Stack Overflow is going to work fine. ” If you don’t use it for a while, we’ll put your server to sleep, but it will never take more than a few seconds to restart. Download your source code and host it anywhere and you’re back in business. For now it’s all just a beta so don’t worry too much about that! ” As developers we have fantastic sets of amazing tools for building, creating, managing, testing, and deploying our source code. Ok, now I think I know the next question you’re going to ask me. “If I’m not using Git, is this a single-developer solution? When they go to that link, they’ll be editing, live, with you, in the same documents. There’s nothing special about the way we told you to write code; we do not give you special frameworks or libraries that will lock you in. If you want private code, much like private repos, there will eventually be paid plans, and we’ll have corporate and enterprise versions.

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There’s a little button that says SHOW and when you click on that, another browser window opens up showing you your website as it appears to the world. Over there in the IDE, in the bottom left, you see some client side files. Again, notice what you DIDN’T do: You just typed some changes and BOOM they appeared. That’s a little bit like js Fiddle or Stack Overflow snippets, right? Literally every change you make is instantly saved, uploaded to the server, the server is restarted with the new code, and your browser is refreshed, all within half a second.

As you type changes into the IDE, without saving, those changes are deploying to your new web server and we’re refreshing the web browser for you, so those changes are appearing almost instantly, both in your browser and for anyone else on the internet visiting your URL. Now change something there, and watch your window over on the right. the changes you are making to the server-side Javascript code are already deployed and they’re already showing up live in the web browser you’re pointing at your URL.

Now here’s something that is already a little bit magic… These are actual code that actually runs on the actual (virtual) server that we’re running for you. If you go into the file you see a bunch of Java Script.

Our theory here is that Hyper Dev can remove all the barriers to getting started and building useful things, and more great things will get built. First of all, of course we’re going to gold-plate the Aeron chairs in the office.

Then we’re going to upgrade the game room, and we’re already sending lox platters to our highest-rep users. First, let me catch everyone up on what’s happening at Stack Exchange.

In 2008, Jeff Atwood and I set out to fix a problem for programmers.

At the time, getting answers to programming questions online was super annoying.

It’s been awhile since we launched a whole new product at Fog Creek Software (the last one was Trello, and that’s doing pretty well). It is a magical thing to collaborate with a team of two or three or four people banging away on different parts of the code at the same time without a source control system. Listen, this is not the future of all software development. But yes for all intents and purposes, you can treat it like a reasonably reliably, 24/7 web server. They’re powerful and can do anything you might need.

Today we’re announcing the public beta of Hyper Dev, a developer playground for building full-stack web-apps fast. You have your own private virtual machine (well, really it’s a container but you don’t have to care about that or know what that means) running on the internet at its own, custom URL which you can already give people and they can already go to it and see the simple code we started you out with. It’s remarkably productive; you can dive in and help each other or you can each work on different parts of the code. Professional software development teams will continue to use professional, robust tools like Git and that’s great. But they’re usually too complex and too complicated for very simple projects.


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