Signs your dating wrong guy

He doesn't want you thinking he's a bad guy either.

So, you're easy and "good enough" to fill the time until that truly special woman comes along. Here are five signs to watch out for: Super nice guys can end up wasting a lot of your precious time.

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But, bad boys aren't the only dangerous men out there in the dating world.

You need to watch out for the "super nice guys," too. Well, just like a super nice women, super nice guys bend over backwards to avoid hurting your feelings.

They want to avoid conflict at any cost and so they "make nice." They shy away from expressing how they really feel if they think you won't agree.

You find yourself second-guessing your feelings and questioning the truth of your relationship. A super nice guy cares about you and enjoys your company, but he also will do anything to avoid hurting your feelings; he will never admit he's not in love with you!

Rather than make waves, he'll spend his time with you until someone better comes along.

You're not who he envisioned for his future, but he's afraid to tell you.

He doesn't want to lose your company or the comfort of having someone he likes to go out with.

The danger of getting involved with a super nice guy is that they send mixed messages about how they feel.

You think he's being open with you, yet something doesn't feel quite right.

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