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In a blog post that was taken down as quickly as it went viral, a girl who is currently studying in the National University of Singapore shared her experience of how a guy from her freshmen orientation camp messaged her out of the blue and “begged” for sex.

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Here’s the conversation they had on Whats App, be prepared for quite a few screenshots: He claims that this conversation was to learn how to sexually please girls. Then he reveals that he’s been single because he held interest for the girl. Perhaps in his head he thought it was a romantic gesture to profess that she caught his eye? Randomly messaging a girl asking for sex will most likely end up in failure, onto the Internet, and possibly charges for harassment.

Update at July 29 pm: The blog post is back up but with names censored and the girl in question explained that she took it down initially for fear of doing something illegal.

She also added this: Additionally I also found out that he used to harass someone I know, who was also from the same OG. The worst part is that last year he was a councillor for my faculty’s FOC, but he got a little smarter and harassed (via FB message) multiple female freshies and seniors from other OGs instead.

Joining a camp to prey on vulnerable girls 3 years younger is despicable.

Nevertheless, to all the people riding on the FOC-hate wave, this creep is definitely not representative of the university, its students, its camps, or its culture.

Please lah every society/community/human conglomerate has creeps like him.

A foreign worker who made a 13-year-old girl pregnant after having sex with her on three occasions was jailed for two years yesterday.

Indian national Vellakkanu Raja, 24, a construction worker, pleaded guilty to three counts of underage sex, with three other offences taken into consideration in sentencing.

A District Court heard that sometime around November or December 2014, the Secondary 1 student approached Raja at Changi Beach and gave him her cellphone number.

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