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To the right the bay stretches away past Tonsai to the massive Sleeping Indian cliffs, so named because that is exactly what they resemble, at night.

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or otherwise, are sensational on dark nights, when the brilliant-blue bioluminescence in the water lights up disturbed water like a neon-lit Christmas tree.

To best appreciate this amazing phenomenon, bring a pair of swimming goggles along and swim underwater for a while: the bioluminescence will wreath your body in a million tiny blue lights, in surely the loveliest clothes you’ve ever worn.

Railay West Beach is part of the Railay Peninsula, which is located a 15 minutes boat ride from Ao Nang.

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He and his three brothers and two sisters relish boisterous weekly Sunday breakfasts with the folks.

MONTIJohn comes from a huge, noisy, colorful family where affection is shown through both humorous and critical arguing, slaps on the back, practical jokes, and shared late-night drinking.Others, both significant and insignificant, are invited.This beautiful beach is part of the Railay Peninsula, 15 minutes from Ao Nang by longtail boat.It is especially beautiful after sunset, when the silhouetted surrounding rock-faces give the place a totally unique and almost supernatural look.Idling on the beach whilst watching the antics of the rock climbers scaling the surrounding cliffs is about as relaxing an experience as can be found anywhere. A long, broad strip of white sand framed at each end by huge cliffs, West Railay has more activities going on than does nearby Phra Nang beach.On most days in high season there are games of football and beach volleyball, in which visitors are welcome to join in.


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