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Fifty Shades of Grey may have sparked a rise in sex toy sales, but a survey claims most men are too shy to open their “goody drawer”.Today marks national orgasm day but according to adult company Ann Summers, 70% of lads feel “embarrassed” talking about using toys.

“Remember one size doesn’t necessarily fit all so it’s fine to experiment and see what fits you.” Commenting on the findings, Ann Summers spokeswoman Eve Fifer, said: “We have seen a surge in couples sex toy sales, with sales up by 25% from this time last year.

“Couples are favouring intimates nights-in experimenting together – and they are investing more of their money in premium, intelligent sex toys.

“We have also 2,000 people put their name down on the waiting list for the brand new Moregasm couples ring.

Despite these findings, the survey found 80% of men said they would consider buying a sex toy for solo use and think it would help improve their sexual performance when with a partner and makes them feel more comfortable in their sexual abilities.

A further 85% of men who use sex toys claim they should be allowed to buy a male sex toy without feeling in any way embarrassed.

Embarrassing Bodies star, Dr Christian Jessen, is working with Ann Summers to help raise awareness about the benefits of having a healthy sex life.He said: “Whether you are a first-timer or experienced and looking for the next big thing, it’s important that you consider a variety of sex toys, designed and manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure you’re getting the best.Interestingly, 65% of women polled claimed they would feel upset or humiliated if they found out their male partner was using a sex toy without them.However they wouldn’t feel like they were being unfair to their partner if they were to purchase a female sex toy.Delving further into the double standard attitudes when it comes to use, 40% of women claim that men shouldn’t ‘need’ sex toys.But when asked how they would feel if their partner wanted to introduce a ‘sexcessory’ to use together to enhance both their pleasure, 75% said they would definitely consider it.

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