Sexchatting sites for mobile phones

Naughty messages keep both parties interested and happy as it gives the view that both partners are sexually interested in each other, and hence, fewer chances of them getting attracted to someone else. I mean everyone's sexually active these days and saucy messages, I think, add spice to the relationship.It lets your partner know that you desire them, which is terribly necessary.Who would want to be in a relationship where people are dull and boring? The peak of receiving and sending sexts reaches a high during - hold your breath - office or college hours.

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Well, if you think this is strange, hop onto a time capsule and go back a few generations because youngsters nowadays think this is a normal practice.

"Nowadays everyone's stylish and looks good, so if I want that my girlfriend should stay interested in our relationship, I have to keep up the act.

I message something naughty to her at least twice a day...

Actually it depends, sometimes the message exchange count goes as high as 30," says 22-year-old Sarthak Arora*.

I find it thrilling," says 25-year-old HR executive Stuti Sen*.

"When I go clubbing is I ask for her number and then walk away, which is a let down right? I send a flirty message bordering on naughty, depending upon the girl, and it works wonders if you're in for a one-nighter." However, all this activity merits caution.

As nowadays parents too know how to operate the mobiles.

It seems like the era of scented cards and handwritten letters has come to an end.

Generation next thinks differently, and according to them if you want to add spice to your relationship or simply make a boyfriend or girlfriend, try the new deal that's making the young world go round - sexting.

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