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I started something I wanted, and I figured I was a pretty good representation of what people want,” said Mc Kool. We stopped in to chat with Mc Kool nearing 2pm during the week and the restaurant was near capacity, and the drive-through was busy.Mc Kool said she was working on her second location, and very feasible that a Start could pop up in cozy neighborhoods across the country.

The salad is bountiful and packed with great flavors.

The color and variety of ingredients fills you up both body and soul.

There are plenty of interesting items on the menu that will drive you back to Start including the wraps.

After he was born I realized there was this niche you couldn’t find.

There were no fast food places to dine that were healthy.

I had a few go to places like Zoey’s, but you still had to deal with parking.

You couldn’t go do a drive-through if you had someone asleep in the back.

by Steven Doyle The fast casual restaurant Start opened its doors back in August to a very eager and hungry crowd and has been busily creating a special menu of “good for you” foods that do not taste like diet fare.

Start was conceived by Erin Mc Kool who also created the menu and used her own recipes from home.

This meant buying all the very best ingredients such as grass-fed beef, local honey and produce.

“Before my son was born I knew I was going to start a restaurant.


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