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(all cheering) All right, when I say Sex,you say and the City. Are you excited for your"Sex and the City" tour today?

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You are sucha good friend, and I-- You know, this annulmentis really taking a toll on me.

And I am so glad that I boughtyou these tickets with my moneythat I worked for. Are you readyto see the places from your favorite scenesfrom your favorite show, "Sex and...

It was actually--it was deleted from the deleted scenes.

Yeah, um, it was--this tour was cheaper, so, altogether cheaper, so...

This is where Charlotte foundout that she couldn't have kids.

(Melissa)Oh, oh, my gosh,is that where Carrie put on those hoop earringsand that doo rag, and then she made everybodyfeel racially uncomfortable?

(guide)No, these are the courts where Steve played basketball.

Is that Magnolia Bakerywhere Carrie told Miranda about a huge crushwhile scarfing down one of that bakery'ssignature cupcakes? Stuff went everywhere, it led to a lot of shenanigans.

No, we're not,and nobody look over-- Do not look over there! Actually, if you lookright over there, that's the area where Steve was once carryinggroceries in the rain and the bottom fellout of the bag.


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