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Read more: This is how long we spend on Facebook – and the figure might shock you Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to integrate chatbots into the Messenger app at the company's f8 developer conference in April.He said that bots would act as robotic customer service representatives for news, weather and retail companies - and could even be used by celebrities and other high-profile figures to provide automatic responses to fans.Some technology experts are even suggested that bots could eventually replace apps as the main mechanism for accessing content online and on mobile.

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For example, if you say you want to watch something like "We built And Chill to give you movie recommendations that beat your expectations," the creators, Sense Technologies, wrote on their website.

"By sending us a few messages per pick, you'll have shorter browsing times, clearer movie matches, and an intuitive movie recommendation experience." And Chill isn't the only service catering to indecisive Netflix customers.

Flix Roulette, for example, lets you enter genre and ratings filters before hitting "Spin" and bringing up a random selection.

However, And Chill is the first to come in the form of a "bot", allowing users to conduct two-way conversations.

That tedious nightly discussion about what to watch on Netflix while your dinner goes cold could soon be a thing of the past.

A new Facebook "bot" has been created that suggests what film you should watch next, based on what you have enjoyed in the past.

The chatbot, imaginatively named " And Chill ", asks you to name a film you like and why.

It then comes up with a list of other films that may appeal to you.

Microsoft got a bit of a wake-up call last week when it created an innocent artificial 'chatbot' for people to converse with on Twitter.


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