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If any public official attempts to bring pressure on a law enforcement official in retribution for the arrest of a family member, that should be reported immediately—as in the same day, not six months down the road when memories may begin to cloud about details.

And there should be a report from the trooper directly involved in the incident.

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My daughters attended school with Nicholas Tullier who is a native of Denham Springs and who clings to life after multiple surgeries.

In a grassy knoll, we-didn’t-really-send-astronauts-to-the-moon twisted method of reasoning, he writes: Incredibly, he poses the rhetorical question, apparently forgetting for the moment that the shooter was killed at the scene: “If this were true, don’t you think that there would have been an arrest of some sore here?

This is all fake scripted out nonsense designed to try and control and manipulate your emotional capacities. The entire drama that was acted out on the streets of Baton Rouge was a parade.

This is very kind of thinking that prompts mass shootings at elementary schools that take the lives of the most innocent among us. Today, Louisiana State law requires that schools conduct lockdown drills within the first couple of weeks of the new school year and periodically thereafter in preparation for one of these maniacal assaults.

Children shouldn’t have to concern themselves about what they would do to protect themselves from a shooter.

It would behoove us as adults to be ever-vigilant, to make ourselves aware of any action on the part of anyone what appears out of the ordinary.This person’s wild-eyed, profanity-laced invective is just the sort of thing that should keep us alert and aware.And if you think it’s real…you have literally been played like a fiddle.” Here’s more: or any of its representatives.It is the ranting of a demented person who is so full of venom and hatred as to be completely and totally disoriented—and potentially dangerous.Again, I remind you that the reason for presenting this (and this is the condensed edition of his rant, by the way) is to illustrate that there are those out there, probably next you in line at Wal-Mart or the drug store (check that: they’re probably off their medication), or next to you in traffic or perhaps even in the office cubicle next to yours who are riding on the Disoriented Express.While our initial reaction to his frothing at the mouth may be to laugh it off as just another nut job, it isn’t funny in the least. Later, they had those ridiculously naïve atomic bomb drills where the kids would crawl under their desks (I missed out on that).

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