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Senior Singles Canada bills itself as one of Canada's largest 'senior dating services' catering to Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax and Montreal.

The site is for senior singles looking for friends, travel partners and companions.

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I recommend this site to any senior looking for company or relationship." Eileen from Calgary used the service and is not quite happy about it.

"I didn’t find the man I was looking for using the SSC service.

I just wasted my time and effort." Carrie from Montreal says, "I found the man I was looking for using this service.

They have neatly organized search results of profile pages and they do a good job at introduction and recommendation of like-minded persons." Ralph from Calgary is also positive about the service.

But with that, comes a few dangers when scammers are after more than just your heart.“It starts with a wink or a flirt,” said Diane Thom, recalling her innocent beginnings with online dating. “I’d ask questions and I’d never get any answers, or I’d get an answer that didn’t fit the question.”Thom received a call from the RCMP tipping her off that it was indeed a scammer, who soon asked for money.

Thom, a widower, connected with someone and their relationship moved quickly. She didn’t give in, but police say many others have.In Regina, one person was defrauded of over ,000."I found Jane using this site and I am happy to have used this service that matched us both. We wouldn’t have met any other way that I know of." Irene from London, Ontario is not quite happy about this service."I thought I would be matched to the choicest people which didn’t quite happen.REGINA – If you’re single and looking to mingle online, you’re not alone.Millions of people are meeting their match through dating sites, including more and more seniors.


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