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The Mail’s parent company licensed the album from Carly and printed up the massive number for its readers. And there was more: one afternoon at her London hotel, Simon got a surprise visitor.

“I’d just gotten back from a day of publicity,” Carly told me. And they said Yusuf Islam is here to see you.” Yusuf Islam, of course, is the former Cat Stevens. He’s just remarkable.” Indeed, the two singer songwriter stars of the 1970s had not seen each other since ‘76.

The pair dated in 1969-70, and Stevens was responsible for helping Simon with her breakthrough second album, “Anticipation.” “I hadn’t seen him since 1976,” Carly said. But Carly says they’d talked on the phone a few times.

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It was just a few weeks ago that Carly Simon went to London on a promo tour for her “Never Been Gone” album.

Remember all that hoopla about “You’re So Vain” being about David Geffen?

(It wasn’t.) A lot happened to Simon in Blighty as we find out now.

For one thing, today 2 million copies of “Never Been Gone” are bundled into The Mail on Sunday and its subsidiary papers.

Next up: she’s recording a surprise album for this fall.

San Cisco are the four-piece band from Fremantle, WA, responsible for last year's incredibly catchy pop song ' Awkward' (you know the one, don't lie).

Scarlett Stevens, Nick Gardner, Josh Biondillo and Jordie Davieson went to high school together, becoming friends and forming a band.

Even though we know (wink wink) it’s about Warren Beatty, the secret remains safe.

And later this week, Simon will hear, more importantly, whether her lawsuit against Starbucks’ Hear Music record label is going forward.

Hear Music released Simon’s “This Kind Of Love” album in 2007 without telling her they were going out out business on the same day.

This put some clouds in her coffee, but Simon is a survivor.

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