Saturday night live justin timberlake dating game show

JT has won several [article id="1670559"]Creative Arts Emmy Awards[/article] for his past work on "SNL." In 2011, he took home the prize for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for his monologue as well as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

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Rocking a blonde wig and sequined blue suit, he proclaimed, "A gig is a gig." "Goodbye Hugo C." was full of gems, such as, "You lived your life like a candle in the wind/ If a candle could pull out two pistols at a press conference." In his turn as musical guest, Timberlake previewed the first two singles from his third solo album, [article id="1701520"]The 20/20 Experience[/article], due March 19.

For "Suit & Tie," he was joined by his Tennessee Kids band, four backup dancers and a blinged-out Jay-Z, sporting no less than four super-thick gold chains. The Three Amigos (Martin, Chase and Short), in full regalia, introduced [article id="1702282"]"Mirrors,"[/article] first performed a few weeks ago at the Brit Awards.

Hova will join him on the road this July and August, when their [article id="1702394"]Legends of the Summer Tour[/article] rolls into 12 U. Of course, Timberlake wasn't going to let the standard two songs be the only singing he did Saturday night.

In one sketch, he dressed as a piece of tofu to promote "Veganville" restaurant, touting healthy eating with enthusiastic remakes of the disco classic "Le Freak," "Ice Ice Baby" and "Dancing With Myself" ("Thinking About My Health") and an ode to quinoa, "We Found Love (In a Meatless Place)." The skit ended with a super wacky Harlem Shake freak-out.

See full summary » Justin Timberlake is the host and musical guest; in the cold opening, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig harmonize about the illicit boyfriend they have in Santa Claus; in the opening monologue, Justin sings the Christmas Song with Alvin (Bill Hader) and the Chipmunks (Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg); Holiday charity representatives (Timberlake and Will Forte) square off against each other; a stock boy at Target (Timberlake) fills in for Target Lady (Wiig); Samberg and Timberlake sing "Dick in a Box"; Sandra Day O'Connor (Wiig), Thomas Friedman (Armisen) and former President Jimmy Carter (Darrell Hammond) appear on The Barry Gibb (Jimmy Fallon) show; emotional saps try to restrain their emotions on the game show "Dry Eyes"; Mrs.

Hastings (Kenan Thompson) is called in after her stepdaughter (Timberlake) coverts the role of an elf in a school play; Nancy Grace (Poehler) gives her seasons' greetings to the stripper in the Duke University scandal; Timberlake performs "My Love" and "...

Since the show's inception in 1975, there has never been a host and/or musical guest to be nominated for an Emmy award for Saturday Night Live (1975).

"Saturday Night Live" pulled out all the stops for Justin Timberlake's fifth stint as host, rallying a support crew bursting with the late-night staple's icons and JT's [article id="1700112"]"Suit & Tie"[/article] buddy Jay-Z.

After lamenting in his opening monologue that with the appearance, he risked "disappointing everyone due to overly high expectations — thanks, Internet," JT was ushered into the Five-Timers Club by a parade of comedy legends with whom he shares the honor, including Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Chevy Chase.


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