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After wrestling for over a decade and becoming one of the top independant stars in the world, El Generico signed a developmental deal with WWE, and debuted for NXT under the name Sami Zayn.

Zayn became an instant fan favorite in NXT, with his positive attitude, charisma, and high level of wrestling skill making him one of the most likable stars in wrestling.

While his comical actions, loose grasp of the English language, and sock-based finisher are what people likely most remember about him, Santino was actually a very accomplished competitor, winning the Intercontinental title twice, as well as the WWE Tag Team titles and the United States title.

Of course, he was also the winner of the Miss Wrestle Mania battle royal at Wrestle Mania 25, but the less said about that, the better.

During his career, Santino was consistently one of the most entertaining personalities in WWE, and he came to be beloved by the fans for his dedication to his craft, and positive attitude.

While he never really had any blow-away matches or main event feuds (although he came close briefly in 2012, when he was surprise replacement for Randy Orton in that year’s World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber match and acquitted himself very well), he was a constant bright spot for the company, and remains a fan favorite to this day.

Marella retired from wrestling in 2014, and currently runs the Battle Arts Academy, which teaches both MMA and pro wrestling, in his home town of Toronto.

2 The man known as Sami Zayn began life in the North American independent scene under a mask, with the name El Generico (although Zayn continues to insist that Generico was his mentor, and is now running an orphanage in Mexico).

Even though he was somewhat of a comedy character, El Generico wrestled all over the world, winning several prestigious titles, including the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship, and swiftly earned the love and respect of wrestling fans everywhere.

Vickie Guerrero and family are in Florida this weekend as her daughter Shaul Guerrero, a former WWE developmental talent, is marrying WWE NXT Superstar Aiden English (Matt Rehwoldt) of The Vaudevillains.

For many years, the nation of Canada has been one of the biggest sources for many of the best wrestlers in the world.


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