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The Kardashian kids appear periodically too, all their scenes written with a winking awareness of just how famous they’d eventually be. ” In another, when a hostess recognizes Robert as O. We just had the time.” Nicole, Kris added, was exceptionally thoughtful. was taking Bible study classes with Robert Kardashian’s brother, Tom, and both men “were getting a lot out of it.

case, at least as we saw it on TV—Kato Kaelin, the white Bronco, the glove. J.’s guilt at the funeral and chastising Robert for defending his friend. threatens to commit suicide in the Kardashians’ house, and Robert pleads: “Not in Kimmy’s room! Everything’s changing for them.’ ” It did—and it didn’t.

J.’s close friend Robert Kardashian—late father of Kim and ex-husband of Kris—with his distinctive hair, a hangdog face, and lines like, “It’s like he’s not even the Juice anymore.” There’s Kris Jenner (Selma Blair), who’d been close with Nicole Brown Simpson, gossiping about O. At least one has quietly done the important work of nurturing O. and Nicole’s two now-adult children, who have taken pains to keep their lives pretty much private.

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J.; Robert’s office on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood became O. I want your opinion.” The house was the lovely, later-infamous Rockingham estate. And new to Robert, apparently, was the family-mindedness of this black-haired San Diego girl. J was still married to Marguerite in the early months of Kris’ relationship with Robert, and Kris told me that Marguerite “seemed so unhappy,” but quietly so: “I never met a woman … fell in love with Nicole Brown at first sight when she waited on him at the Daisy, a chic restaurant in Beverly Hills. “I remember thinking how beautiful Nicole was and how young and how blond,” Kris told me.

Kris, raised in San Diego, met Robert at the nearby Del Mar racetrack when she was 19, a brand-new flight attendant. She played hard to get; he pursued her, and the first time she entered his house, with its tennis courts and Mercedeses and Rolls Royces outside, she recalled: “I rushed into the guest room, closed the door, and called my mother and whispered, ‘You are not going to believe this place! Unlike the starlets he’d been with, Kris wanted a lot of children. who kept her complaints hidden as well.” During the marriage’s frequent “off” spells, O. lived with Robert and Kris, and he once had Kris telephone a girl he was interested in dating on his behalf. J., and asked to speak to the girl before handing the phone over to O. She realized, with some alarm, she told me, that the girl they called was still living with her parents; maybe she was in high school! “I never asked too many questions in those days,” Kris said.

In real life, other friends were closer to Nicole than Kris was.

Robert Kardashian and his brother, Tom, were the sons of a wealthy, highly regarded family within the community of Armenians who’d settled in Los Angeles after the Armenian genocide, prior to World War I.

The brothers attended the predominately black Dorsey High, and Robert was a kind of glorified “water boy” for the University of Southern California Trojans when O. was the star running back in 1967; they had at best a fleeting acquaintance.

Three years later, Robert, who had become a very successful entertainment businessman and lawyer, met his hero—now star running back for the Buffalo Bills—at a mutual friend’s tennis court.

They instantly bonded, and when Robert left his law practice to become an executive at the Music Corporation of America, O. got the spoils of his law practice: Robert’s secretary, Cathy Randa, went to work for O. met Leroy “Skip” Taft, who would become his business manager and financial mentor—helping him transition from star athlete to a full-fledged entertainment personality. J., still married to his first wife, Marguerite, was considering buying a new house in Brentwood, Kris Jenner told me: “I remember [him] saying [to Robert], ‘Why don’t you come [see it]?

Whether or not these specific events actually happened, they make a kind of retrospective sense. on July 5, 1994, to interview the close friends of O. and Nicole three weeks after the murders, I was working on a book about O. At some point at the beginning of August, I conducted a two-hour interview with Kris Houghton Kardashian Jenner, one of Nicole’s five best girlfriends. punched Nicole in the face, then bought her a Porsche to make up for it. was always the celebrity—during a skiing lesson, Kris told me, “When people started to notice it was O. “A lot of people over the years would tell me, ‘Gee, Nicole is so private … and Nicole’s 1985 wedding (they had been together seven years by then), Kris said: “Nicole came over to the house, [and] we were talking about O.

For viewers with memories of the case itself, it might be surprising to see the Kardashians play such a central role—because, well, back then, they weren’t “the Kardashians.” They were just one of a number of families close to Nicole and O. And in the show, this is a looming question that isn’t directly addressed: How did one of the most infamous families in American pop culture get so entangled in the most infamous murder trial of the century? (We sat on the floor next to her bed in her Coldwater Canyon home, with her husband Bruce padding around outside.) I never interviewed Kris’s ex-husband Robert Kardashian because he was in the tight inner circle protecting O. She later told friends she felt like an idiot driving a Porsche with a black eye.) The Kardashians and Simpsons went on ski trips to Aspen, Colorado, together. so unapproachable.’ I would always say, ‘No, Nicole is just shy.’ Now I look back and see that Nicole …


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