Review dating direct

I’m one of those guys who ‘needs’ a good few drinks down him to conjure up the courage to approach.Naturally, I was drawn to the appeal of Stealth Attraction – a product that promises rejection-proof approaching.

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Review dating direct

Stealth Attraction is a product that could stop you experiencing those nasty butterflies preventing you from approaching the girl of your dreams. The ‘stealth’ factor implies that through subtle actions you can remove a woman’s ability to reject you.

Approaching a girl in a bar is no walk in the park. If fear of rejection is getting the better of you, there might be a solution. Priding itself on being the first rejection-proof system, Stealth Attraction is an online home study system teaching you a step-by-step method on how to approach, attract, seduce and ultimately take girls back home with you.

The program is taught by none other than Richard La Ruina AKA Gambler – one of the most famous pickup artist and top dating coach in the UK.

The product distinguishes itself by being a hands-on course teaching you how to pickup women rather than focusing on intellectual theory like many other dating products out there.

The word ‘Stealth’ in the product name isn’t just a catchy word to aid their marketing campaign; it’s actually a recurring theme throughout all 5 stages.

He teaches you to go under the radar like a ninja, subtly building attraction rather than scaring the girl off through being too obvious in your seduction.

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to go in for a kiss only to be embarrassingly rejected?

Broken down into 3 hours worth of lecture-style presentations, Richard teaches his method with the aid of a beautiful sidekick to demonstrate with practical examples.

It makes for an interactive learning experience so you can just sit back and soak up the information. Other than the 3 hour-long Stealth Attraction videos available to stream online, your .95 grants you immediate access to Richard La Ruina’s online Master Pick Up Artist University which gives you a whole host of bonus materials: Once you purchase Stealth Attraction, you gain immediate access to the MPUA University Members page which displays the products included in your package: You may wonder why I decided to buy Stealth Attraction?

Well I considered myself pretty lousy at approaching girls, especially a girl within a large group!

Being the shy guy that I am combined with a fear of rejection has, through the years, been a massive detriment to my game.

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