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I recently read some research that states that most people in long-term relationships think about breaking up for a really long time before they actually go through with it. While I don’t want you girls getting crazy over this list (if one thing applies to your BF, please don’t assume it’s over), it’s important to realize that there are some tell-tale signs to watch for if you’re worried about your relationship ending.

Who wants to date someone who’s secretly considering ending things? If you’re worried that your boyfriend (or girlfriend) may be feeling this way and is just unwilling to end the relationship, I’ve put together some things you should be looking out for.

If your BF has started keeping secrets from you and you've been catching him in a lot of lies, something could be up.

Try to talk to him and ask him to be more honest with you. Ask yourself those questions - if the answer is an overwhelming yes, that's no good.

If he shows no interest in changing or continues to keep secrets after that, it could be a sign that he's ready for things to end. Source: Shutter Stock Dudes who are happy in their relationships aren't scared to talk about the future.

Source: Shutter Stock natural for your boyfriend to be picking fights over every little thing. They're willing to make concert or vacation plans months in advance, they chat about things they want to do together next summer, stuff like that.

Unless he's just gotten a new, time-consuming job or something like that, he could be purposely putting distance between you two. Is he breaking plans at the last minute or just not making them altogether?

If it happens once in a while, he could just be genuinely busy.

If it happens a lot, on a regular basis, there could be something else going on.

Source: Shutter Stock Your boyfriend should always be honest and open with you - after all, the key to a good relationship is honesty.

But if they don't actually see a future for you two, they're probably not going to talk about it.

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