Reid from criminal minds dating taylor swift was taylor swift dating christopher donner

Although the season 11 finale had some sort of an open ended scene, it was not as intriguing as the previous seasons’ cliffhangers. Second, while enjoying dinner at Agent Rossi’s (Joe Mantegna) house, the team gets a call that informs them that 13 of the murderers they put behind bars in the past have all escaped.

No BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) agents were shot and no cars were blown up. So, yes, season 12 will have 13 serial killers to take care of.

Reid from criminal minds dating taylor swift

Don’t you think it’s time for Tay Tay to hop in another Maserati and drive it down a dead-end street?

After seeing the singer stun at the Golden Globes on Jan. Sources say the singer is dating 33-year-old actor Matthew Gray Gubler — who plays criminal profiler Dr.

12 (and flirt with Jared at the after-party), we decided to pick a handful of Taylor Swift covers the new issue of In Style, which surprisingly enough does not look like a reprint. I don’t know, like they jacked their editorials from another source.

The situation will become even more complicated when the new agent (played by Adam Rodriguez) comes in to replace Morgan.

Reid will have problems adjusting to this new team member.

This may even create conflict between the two of them.

As for a comeback by Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster), anything is possible.

This has become a bigger possibility after the actress posted a photo of an Interpol ID and a pair of boots on her social media account.

Hopefully, the writers will be able to come up with a good storyline for her comeback.


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