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Here are 15 friendship red flags you’re probably ignoring, courtesy of this Ask Reddit thread.

aceafer: "I'm not like other girls/All my friends are boys because I don't get on well with girls, there's too much drama."I'm not disputing that there are some women who don't feel that they're able to get on with other girls for a multitude of reasons, and that's fine.

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Just like everyone else out there, I’ve had my fair share of bad friends.

I’ve been best friends with girls who have tried to secretly steal my boyfriend away from me.

I’ve been super close with girls who have spread rumors about me behind my back, and who didn’t defend me when people said mean things about me.

I’ve had friends who have thrown me under the bus for their own benefit, and I’ve had friends who have constantly put me behind everyone else.

It's normal to ignore your friends a little bit when you enter a relationship. If I hear them backbiting others, it's only a matter of time before it comes around to me. If your friend is constantly talking about her other friends to you, that almost definitely means she's talking about you to those other friends.

But if your friend is NEVER around the moment she starts dating someone, but wants to be around you constantly as soon as that's over, that's not a good sign. Source: Shutter Stock Ordinary_Robot: "My life is terrible what should I doooooo?

" "Well, I think you should X." "I ignored X and my life is still terrible. " "Well, if you don't want to do X, maybe you should Y." "It's weeks later and i haven't done anything proactive to fix my shit and my life is still terrible. " "I don't know, but do it somewhere else." Seriously, everyone has problems and I'm happy to listen to a friend who needs to vent, but if all you're going to do about your problems is whine about them rather than at least attempting to fix them, then I don't have the time, patience, or mental energy to put up with that.

Most of the time, it takes a while to recognize when a friend actually, well… Meeting a new friend can be like meeting a new crush.

Everything they do at first is really exciting because it’s new.

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