Real houswives webcams

The fact is that few of them are housewives by definition because their households are not their principal occupation.

We would spend precious time discussing these women as if we knew them.

We had taken the bait and been enticed by these “distraction agents”!

Upon closer inspection, I noticed several curious details about the women featured on the “Housewives” franchise.

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I guess I should say that I don’t care for reality television…primarily because it isn’t real.

“It’s those undercover, low-key matters, the ones that cloak themselves in the guise of entertainment—those are the ones that hook us. So will someone please explain how we can have the Real Housewives of Various Cities and only a few of these women are really housewives!

Too comfortable and familiar, really to be asked to leave. Justifiable.” This quote from the chapter made me research my writings and dust off this blog written 5/1/2011 but never published. Housewife is defined as a married woman who manages her own household as her principal occupation.

There are countless hours of footage shot and creatively edited to portray anything that will boost ratings and entice more viewers and sponsors.

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