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They come at the crime fighting thing from two completely different places.

The good side of that is we get to spend more time with her and learn that she’s an interesting character. The bad side of that is that we get to like her Personally, I think that’s a great approach.

It’s flexible storytelling like this which allows for a proper “adaptation” and not just a “translation” across media.

How well the execution of this idea is pulled off remains to be seen, but Mark Hamill, a.k.a. When they first talked about it, I said, “The only way we can do this is as a book on tape so that we honor every comma, every word, every letter, every syllable of Alan Moore’s script.

Make no mistake, the feature-length version of will faithfully adapt the beloved graphic novel, as promised by producer Bruce Timm in a recent chat with Empire.

The longtime Batman and DC Comics properties producer offered up plenty of insight behind the scenes of We thought if we were going to expand this to feature length, we didn’t want to just pad out the original story by putting in a bunch of stuff between sequences of the story, because it’s literally a whole other half of movie that we could add.

So we took that opportunity to basically tell a Batgirl story, which we don’t often get a chance to do these days.

And it was great, because we could spend more time with her as a character and get to understand what she’s all about and how she’s similar to Batman in some ways, and really different in others.

We can add music and special effects to enhance it.” They kind of said, “What you talking about? It’s not commercially viable for us to do it that way.


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  6. They come at the crime fighting thing from two completely different places.

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