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I love to travel and some time ago discovered I also love to write, combine this with my husband's photography and we get to share it all with you.

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Guided tours of the Gaol will be available by tour guides from Ghost Crime Tours.

The tour will take you to visit Elizabeth Woolcocks Cell, the hanging tower, exercise yards, gallows, showers and induction centre, remand centre, the Gaol museum and the graveyard.

Ghost Crime Tours are a local Adelaide company who provide tours of buildings and locations with known paranormal activity.

Tours are based on documented evidence and the team has extensive background in paranormal research and a passion for historical and unsolved crimes dating back to the late 1800s.

The Old Adelaide Gaol is well reputed to be haunted and is the perfect setting for a Psychic Fair.

Brought to you by Ghost Crime Tours, the Old Adelaide Gaol Psychic Fair is on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at the Gaol, 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton.

There will be psychic readers, healers, alternate medicine, crystals and jewellery.

Lots of stalls will be available with items for sale, along with live music, food stands, face painting, activities for the kids and much, much more.

Tours include Old Adelaide Gaol, Adelaide CBD, Port Adelaide and Kapunda.

They also provide a number of paranormal lockins including Cornucopia Hotel, North Kapunda Hotel, Gladstone Gaol, WW2 Explosives Factory, Highercombe Hotel and Old Adelaide Gaol.

The tour guides are knowledgeable and interesting and the tours themselves are well run and informative.


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