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That is, given a woman and a man with similar inclinations to casual sex, the woman will realize her ambitions more readily than will the man. Comparison of Top Quintiles on Self-Reported Behavioral Correlates of the Sociosexuality Scale Scores in Percentages (2000)**This is not the SOI, for which no scoring information is available, but a sociosexuality scale conceived by the study’s authors.5.While men in general are more unrestricted in sociosexual orientation than women, the variance within each sex is much greater than variance between the sexes. Comparison of Top and Bottom Quintiles on Self-Reported Behavioral Correlates of the Sociosexuality Scale Scores in Percentages (2000)*Detailed analyses revealed a highly distinctive pattern of relationships for the three SOI-R facets, supporting their discriminant validity.

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Infidelity causes great and often irreversible damage to relationships and families.

We can reliably predict someone’s likelihood of engaging in future promiscuous behavior by assessing their sociosexual orientation. The construct of sociosexuality or sociosexual orientation captures individual differences in the tendency to have casual, uncommitted sexual relationships.

The term was introduced by Alfred Kinsey, who used it to describe the individual differences in sexual permissiveness and promiscuity that he found in his groundbreaking survey studies on sexual behavior.

Their behavior genetic analysis shows that 49% of sociosexual orientation is heritable (determined by genes), 2% is attributable to shared environment, and 47% to unshared environment. Half of the men and women in the top (withinsex) 20% of sociosexuality had been sexually unfaithful to a steady partner.

This is roughly double the average rate of infidelity in the population.4.

Women in the top female quintile of sociosexuality were nearly as elevated in their relevant sexual experiences as men in the top male quintile, even though the 80th female percentile was equivalent to only the 39th male percentile.

This provides further support for the idea, considered elsewhere, that female sexuality constrains male sexuality.

Evolutionary personality psychologists classify men and women on sociosexual orientation between the extremes of unrestricted and restricted. Relative to sociosexually restricted individuals, sociosexually unrestricted individuals are more likely to: 2.

Sociosexual orientation (just like all other personality traits) is half heritable, half environmental.

A study of a large sample of Australian twins conducted by the great behavior geneticist J.

Michael Bailey and colleagues shows that sociosexual orientation is another personality trait that roughly follows the 50-0-50 rule.


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