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Cons of Dating a Collegue There are some cons of dating a colleague as well one of which is that you are under the microscope all the time.You cannot have the luxury of working in a free environment at times and your other half can keep a close check on you.

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You can have lunch with each other as well in such a relationship which can quell any ‘dine out’ argument very forcefully.

Working in the same office and having the same profession as your soul mate means that you and them have a lot in common.

This factor can straighten many things out and kill many misunderstandings even before they are born and this can prove to be fruitful for the whole relationship.

Working with a person in a professional environment tells you a lot about them so having a relationship with a coworker can create a very unique kind of a spark.

Knowing your soul mate in a professional capacity can make you know them in a better way.

In such a condition, you are not caught off guard in certain circumstances which can prove vital for a healthy relationship.Pros of Dating a Collegue A huge advantage of dating your colleague is that you can spend a lot of time with them even though most of it may not be very enjoyable.12 Signs Your Crush Would Make a Good Boyfriend ...How to Get Your Crush to like You My Crush Likes Someone else What do Your Silly Arguments Say about Your Relationship? What Smart Women do when They Start Crushing on Someone New ...Some people would suggest that developing a romantic relationship with a coworker is not the smartest thing to do but sometimes, you just cannot resist and end up dating a colleague.Ending up in such a situation however may not be all doom and gloom and there are many advantages of it too, in addition to some negatives of course.

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