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Tufvesson insists that she's not completely against more modern methods of seeking out romance but says that if you're looking for a real, genuine love, a steady diet of dating apps and websites can often sideline your relationship goals.

"A lot of my questions involve foundation: What their relationship is with their family.

Past relationships and why they didn't work, or why they did work but didn't last. One of my favorite things is to read the Proust questionnaire in the back of Vanity Fair, so we've incorporated that.

I want to know if your idea of happiness is on the beach with a glass of wine or hiking a mountain or spending time with your kids." The takeaway?

"While you should have some commonalities, you should find someone who complements you," Tufvesson adds.

"I've done a lot of competitive research, and often [with dating sites], it's, 'Oh, you both like skiing.' That's great, to a certain extent, but what if you want to learn about Middle Eastern politics? What if you want to learn another language and he speaks five?

Those are all good things that keep a relationship rich." And Tinder, obviously, doesn't really answer any.

Tufvesson says that The Bevy focuses on asking its clients "unconventional" questions, in face-to-face interviews, that reveal several facets of a person in one answer and get beyond the superficial.

If the idea of matchmaking strikes you as a horribly antiquated concept in the era of online dating, consider this: a recent study from the University of Michigan determined that couples who met online were less likely to forge committed relationships than those who met IRL (that's "in real life" in pre-Internet terms).

That finding isn't likely to surprise Greta Tufvesson, who cofounded upscale matchmaking service The Bevy along with partner Nikki Lewis.


  1. Whether you are looking for a blonde, a brunette, a red head or a hottie of any type, Bo M is the place for you.

  2. And taking my own experience, I've dated both American woman and British woman and (white) British woman are much more open in terms of dating other race, it's not a big deal, they see them as having different skin tone colour but that's it which is wonderful really.

  3. And instead of painting a rainbow of hope, he steered toward despair.

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