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Just open the app, log in using Facebook, and you'll get your chat logs.

A small eye icon on the right shows you whether you've been "Seen" or not, and you can read the latest message without changing that status.

It's simple, but handy if you don't like people seeing when you've read their messages.

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Farrah Fawcett-Majors was one massive influence on mid-1970s hair.

Ah, the lovely Farrah hit our screens in 1976 courtesy of Nostalgia was big in the ’70s, leading to a whimsical look back to various periods, especially the 1920s through to 1950s.

This looking to the past can be seen in fashion, TV shows and films, and music.

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Television was a national obsession in many Western countries, and the TV was often the focal point of the home.

With adverts, music shows and a wealth of series in all genres, TV was a major influence on people’s lives, fashion choices and attitudes.

When you chat with someone on Facebook, they can see when you've read one of their messages—even if you don't reply.

Privy Chat solves this annoyance by hiding "Seen" messages when you chat on your phone.

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