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Corey Bernard Moss, who was stationed at Fort Bliss, went to the El Paso, Texas home of Justin and Rachel Poole to confront her about money that the couple apparently owed him, a local Fox affiliate reports.

Shortly after coming home, Rachel began Face Timing, a type of video chat on i Phone, with Justin, who was thousands of miles away in Southwest Asia.

But while the couple was chatting Moss came up from behind the woman and started beating her and stabbing her with a knife.

Justin could see part of the attack and hear the entire thing.

The Fort Bliss Military Police held Moss until he was turned over to investigators.

He was charged with criminal attempted capital murder and is currently being held on a ,000 bond.

Rachel, who was nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child and within a week of her due date, was rushed to a local hospital, where she is still listed in critical condition.

Rachel immediately recognized Moss and repeatedly yelled his name out during the attack so that her husband would know who the attacker was.

Once Moss fled the scene, she was able to call 911.


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